How the Beat the Peak program works

The Beat the Peak program is a simple way to help keep costs down for you and every member of the cooperative. Beat the Peak is free to join, completely voluntary, and you can end your participation at any time.

Receive alerts notifying you of peak periods

Once you sign up for the Beat the Peak program, you will receive alerts shortly before the Cooperative anticipates a period of peak demand. You can choose to receive these alerts by text message and/or email*.

Reduce your electricity use during peaks

When you receive the alert, try to reduce your usage of electricity. Every bit helps – whether it is using fewer appliances, turning down your heating or air conditioning, or shutting off unneeded lights. There are lots of ways to help Beat the Peak!

*Participants are responsible for any SMS, cell phone minutes or data charges that may be assessed by your carrier, per your phone plan.

Member Testimonials

Watch the videos below for testimonials from some of our members who participate in Beat the Peak.